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Otto is the original (college) dropout of Dropout Fight Club. Hailing from Manchester England, Ohlsson is a musician, terrible golfer, and wannabe pro soccer player. Professionally, he is a Certified Olympic Boxing Coach and has his certifications in both mitt work and Group Fitness. Wanting to combine his love for art, music, and fitness, Otto created Dropout Fight Club- a place he really sees as a love letter to the Milwaukee community- a place he has called home for the past 15 years.


Walker is a Green Bay native and has taken fitness seriously his entire life. He began his journey in athletics with soccer at the age of five and played every year through his senior year of high school. He also spent seven years in track and field, and two years in swimming. When Walker was 18 he joined the Army and served for six years. During this time he spent two years in South Korea, one of which he spent as a Modern Army Combatives Program instructor. Walker left the Army in 2018 and attended college at Middle Tennessee State University, majoring in aerospace. He returned home in October 2020 to be nearer to family.


I started boxing as a form of self defense, and because I thought it was bad ass. Nothing more, nothing less. The further I went with it however, the more I realized the strong amount of dedication, discipline, and determination it takes to take part in this sport. My classes, The Sweet Science, teach the fundamentals of boxing. (Form, Footwork, Movement, Defense etc…) It’s a great entry to intermediate level class for those who want to take boxing a step further. Each class can vary from learning the basic boxing stance, to sparring. We take it however far you want to take it.


Rob started his boxing career in his hometown of Erie, PA before becoming captain of the University of Notre Dame’s boxing team. He won two championships in the University’s Bengal Bouts before graduating.  Rob owes a lot to boxing – it helped him through tough times and got him into the best shape of his life. He also met his wife, a fellow boxer, in the training room at Notre Dame. Most recently, Rob won in the 178 lb Master’s Division for the 2021 Wisconsin Golden Gloves.  His gratitude the for sport compels him to introduce it to as many as he can.


One of the OG’s at Dropout and raining “cans” champion.  Tommy has 2 fight nights under his belt and his love for the sport of boxing is unrivaled.  When not holding mitts and running classes at the gym Tommy can be found at White Castle or watching all things Star Wars.  Don’t be fooled by those good looks and that nice smile,  Tommy will have you crawling out of Dropout in a pool of your own sweat.


Although I have always valued health and fitness, I never thought I had it in me to be a boxer. I found the sport intimidating and reserved only for those bigger and tougher than me. However, once I jumped in and did it I realized how empowering it feels to just beat the crap out of something. I was hooked by both the physical challenges and the mental one, and the reward of nailing a new combo with that one last knock out punch is unbeatable. One of the things I love about Dropout is the way they take the intimidation and exclusivity out of boxing. It’s always been a place where everyone gets to walk in, put in work, and ending each class feeling more confident in themselves than when they walked in. As a coach, I make it my priority to make sure everyone is leaving my classes confident  in the fact that they’re walking out of the gym both mentally and physically stronger than when they came in. There’s nothing I love more than seeing someone dripping in sweat, out of breath, and still saying, “Damn that was fun.”

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