GOT Questions?

Dropout group classes are a full body workout based around the fundamentals of boxing. Each class consists of 12, 3-minute rounds, with a 30 second rest in between- just like a real boxing bout. Well, except you’re only getting ½ the rest because you’re a kickass champion who doesn’t need a full minute of downtime. Expect to burn anywhere up to 700+ calories per class as you conquer different boxing combinations, hit the assault bikes, show the medicine balls who is boss, etc.

Download the Dropout Athletics App on Apple, make an account. Buy classes. Voila. Or book a class online here.

Just arrive in your normal workout gear ready to sweat. No special shoes needed either.

You will need hand wraps, but they can be purchased for $10 at check in, but we got you covered on gloves.

Absolutely not! Dropout is for everyone of all levels of experience, from the Heavyweight Champions of the world to YOU!

You’ll learn everything you need to know at the beginning of every class. & don’t worry- we’re not actually punching each other here at Dropout- we got bags for that.

There is no financial commitment here at Dropout.

You pay for the classes you want, when you want them. There are no monthly fees and there are no minimum number of classes you required to purchase.

Although studies have shown the more classes you take, the more kickass you become. But it’s totally up to you….


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